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Turn it up, we like it LOUD!

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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to LOUD metal heads!
We've been LOUD Since 2001!

Loud was made for the LiveJournal users who have Metal and Hard Music needs.
Here we post news and opinions on the best bands, worst bands, and some new ones.

You got a new band?

Just downloaded some songs from a pretty f*cking good band?

Just heard that a wicked metal band has parted ways?


Awhile ago the members came to me with some rules:
Please read this before you post!
(What am i saying, i break the rules all the time and don't care if you do!)

If you post a news article, post a link to the site or LiveJournal you got it from at the bottom. It shows that the article is true or at least 60% the truth.
Its also only fair to the people who work to dig up this sh*t from the bands we are HEADBANG OVER!

SPAM IS CRAP (yes, even the meat in a can, well if you can call it real meat).
Post links to anything MUSIC related.
This is a music community.
Even feel free to post a gig poster, a band site, etc.

If you post shit like,
"Vote for me here", "buy stuff on my site", "Join my porn site", etc.
I will drive my boot up your ass
(also known as clicking delete)

Please use the lj-cut code when posting long articles and large images.

More info on how to use the lj-cut code:
What is the lj-cut and how do i use it?

Thank you,
Management and Members

Extra: If you join the community you will get links to mp3 and video downloads from the best shit i and the members can find. These links will be posted as friends only so only members will be able to receive them. Tell the rest of the METAL HEADS!

Keep it LOUD!

LOUD! Tags: http://www.livejournal.com/community/loud/tag/

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