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Whats this? A nice e-mail about loud?

I watched last week's programs and I thought that you hit the nail on the head when you said that the purpose of LOUD was to cater to as many different tastes as you possibly can! That statement was beautiful. I couldn't agree with it more. To be honest I hate a lot of the bands you play like Sum 41, System of A Down, Snot, & Cannibal Corpse, but I love all the Pantera, Type-O Negative, Sick of It All, Fear Factory, & Judas Priest that you play so just because there are some bands/videos that I like more than others doesn't mean that I should pout like a five year old and boycott LOUD because of this.
I just wish some of these people would be thankful that LOUD is even on the air. I just feel that music, (especially metal/punk/industrial) is all up to personal interpretation and personal taste. Metal, like any other style of music changes with the times, if these people sending the negative e-mails can't accept that then they had better sit back and think about why they listen to heavy music anyways. Keep up the good work and please do try and dabble in as many different styles as possible.
- Philly

I think this persons got a point.. everyone tells them what they hate, what is crap, what is pop shit, but not many say what they would like to see.
i think i might make a web site request sometime.. it should be sweet.. i will do it when i get time..

there is only one problem... what video should i request?

keep it loud!
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