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The LOUD Rage Page...

The following are the e-mails sent into the LOUD show that i found amusing...

First thing you guys need help bad, you need to get rid of the that camera man that shoots George. He can not stand still or keep the camera straight up and down. It is extremely FREAKING ANNOYING. Stand still and stand up straight, your mom should of teached you that when you where a kid. If the camera is to heavy for you put the damn thing on a tripod for crying out LOUD!!!!!!!
- Keith G, North Carolina

I noticed that. I thought it was kinda a cool effect or somethign but i guess this person doesn't like it. On MTV2 the camera is in one place the whole time and never moves. If they want to show the cover of an a bands new album they have to walk up to the camera. Its kinda odd and cool all at the same time.

I think Loud is great, there is a very good variety but I think there should be more of Loud than just every Saturday. Da Mix is on like everyday and so is Rap City so would you guys be able to even it out a bit with a little bit more Loud cause I am one of those people who are lookin forward to watchin some good videos on Loud like Slayer, Pantera and some System Of A Down.
Well my suggestion probably isn't gonna get read or probably won't even matter or get listened to but I thought what the hell give it a try.
- Brandon

I agree and i have had this conversation about rap having a show on every night with many people. (lj user=witchmooon>, pyro, and dramen just to name a few) But i don't think Loud will ever be weekly.. that woud just be too wicked!

You can read all of the 'rage page' e-mails at and you can tell LOUD what you think of the show at

Keep it loud!
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