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All Rock. No Roll ( newsletter)

We're more than a little excited to announce a few tours you may or may not
already know about:

- Dry Kill Logic and Ill Nino will be heading out with Kittie for a full US
tour. We'll have all the info for you soon, for the time being check out our
tour page for the latest.
- Chimaira have lined up the opening slot on the upcoming Slayer tour. Yes, the
gods of metal have opened their arms and welcomed our boys from Cleveland into
the fold. Prepared to be bruised.
- Nickelback (you know that band that has had a top 5 selling album since it
came out and is getting played by every station in the US) are headlining a US
tour with their friends Saliva. Much rock will be had.
All the details for the above are or will be at :

The Misfits have a new record on it's way. October 31st will see the birth of
'Cuts From The Crypt'. A collection of rarities, demos, B-sides, etc from one of
the best punk rock bands of all time. Check out 'Dead Kings Rise' on the RR site

In other music-you-can-get-for-free news the Roadrunner Road Rage sampler is
out. If you haven't grabbed one at a show yet we're giving away a stack of em on
our site in the Free Shit Section. Go sign up. It's got an amazing track listing
of upcoming RR stuff and some old metal favorites (Nailbomb baby). If you don't
want to wait for the sampler to hear the new stuff check out a cut from the
upcoming 36 CrazyFists album and a brand new Killswitch Engage song.

Ever wondered what the people at Roadrunner grew up listening to? Probably not.
We decided to tell you anyway. Our new wildcard gets into some of our favorite
records of all time and why. It's fun and you just might learn something.

A bunch of our bands have brand new T Shirt designs available online.
Nickelback, Ill Nino, Chimaira, Machine Head and Fear Factory all have brand new
designs up, if you can't get to a show pick em up online, plus they won't be all
sweaty when you get home. Check em out at
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