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StreetWise -- "Use It Or Lose It" - GRYP

What's Up StreetWise,

We have been having a few technical problems with our "Use It Or Lose It" page
of the StreetWise webzine, so we need for YOU (the eyes and ears of the streets)
to go back and let us know what you think about October's band, GRYP.

This hard-edged rock powerhouse epitomizes the perfect mix of inspired
heaviness, cleverly crafted melodies, and seesaw dynamics that whip the listener
around like a sonic roller coaster. Since forming in 1997, the group released
two exceptional indie CDs ? ?Real? and ?Indecision? - and took it upon
themselves to do everything a label would do. For starters, the members of GRYP
serviced their music to press and radio, ultimately lighting up the airwaves on
several college and specialty radio stations across North America and Europe.
Then, when it came to touring, the group didn't complain about fuel prices, or
club bookers seemingly incapable of returning calls. Instead, driven by sheer
excitement over their music, GRYP hit the open highway performing in nearly ever
state and providence in the U.S. and Canada. These dates included several high
profile shows, from the Vans Warped Tour to opening for groups like 311,
Pennywise, P.O.D., Fenix TX, and MxPx.

Click here to let us know if we should "Use It Or Lose It."

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"Bringing You The Sickest New Shit First"
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