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ok um...news I guess

Hi! Im not really new, but Ive never posted on here before. Immorak sort of made this community sound so good I had to join. ANYWAYS..Im posting to give you all some news that I was just informed about. Not sure if its true, but well..its something. So to all the gODHEAD fans out there......sorry. =(

gODFace -
(9:38 PM PST 10/07/2001)
It seems that gODHEAD have indeed parted ways with band drummer James O'Connor and are currently trying out replacements for him in Los Angeles, CA. If all goes according to plan, the group will hit the road for a trek alongside Pigface in late November.

Sucks huh? My friend found this on http://www.theprp.com I hope its some huge mistake ~Jenni~
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