immorak™ (immorak) wrote in loud,

Powerman 5000 "Destroy What You Enjoy"

The following is a video that the Deathbox Productions Crew has put together for the Powerman 5000 "Destroy What You Enjoy" video contest.

POWERMAN 5000 wants you to Destroy What You Enjoy! The contest is simple...make your own music video for the title track from PM5K's new album, "Destroy What You Enjoy". The video does not have to be the full length of the song, but must be at least one minutelong. It does not have to be Lord of the Rings, we are ultimately looking for creativity not a pro-filmed video. The winning video will be featured on DRT and Powerman's sites with the potential of being the actual video for this single.

I did most of the filming and all of the editing for the video.
All comments, good or bad welcome!
Tags: deathbox productions, powerman 5000

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