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Much Loud Day!

Much Loud Day
Today at 3pm ET
With special guests Project Wyze, P.O.D., Kittie and
Performing live: Breach Of Trust!

We know you feel kinda ripped off with the measly one hour of LOUD we deliver once a week on Saturday nights, and some of you may not be hooked up to digital, getting the MuchLoud channel 24/7 - so we're giving you some extra LOUD this week, with MuchLoudDay, hosted by George Strombouloupolous.

Hey, here it is. The second MuchLoudDay is upon us. Last time we did this, I was brand new at the station and we had a chance to get this great music on a Sunday afternoon. Since then, hard music has continued its return and we've launched a 24 hour MuchLoud Channel. So on Saturday to help us celebrate the afternoon of beautiful noise will be P.O.D., Breach Of Trust, Slaves On Dope , Project Wyze and Kittie. We're also giving away a guitar autographed by Megadeth's Dave Mustaine. Obviously we are gonna grab as much of the scope of hard music as possible. This is a killer way to play stuff like Slayer, Sabbath, Pantera and Slipknot during the day. See you there.

- George

Be sure to check back during the broadcast - we'll have cool exclusive photos from MuchLoudDay right here!

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Playlist for Saturday, October 6:
So 3 Hours of LOUD DAY isn't enough for you F***ers?
This week's show includes an interview with Sevendust!

Atari Teenage Riot: "Rage"
International Noise Conspiracy: "Reproduction of Death"
Cannibal Corpse: "Devoured by Vermin"
Cradle of Filth: "Her Ghost in the Fog"
My Dying Bride: "For You"
Sevendust: "Waffle"
Clutch: "A Shogun Named Marcus"
No One: "Chemical"
(hed) Planet Earth: "Bartender"
System of a Down: "Chop Suey"
Blind Guardian: "Mr.Sandman"
Stratovarious: "Against the Wind"
Meshuggah: "Terminal Illusions"

* Playlist subject to change
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