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Godhead E-News Letter - 10/04/01

Welcome to the Godhead E-News Letter!
October 5th, 2001

How sweet the sounds!!

In this weeks issue you'll find:
- Godhead's "Amazing Grace" featured at!
- New and Upcoming Releases!

+ Godhead's "Amazing Grace" featured at!

In homage to the victims of the national tragedy, several artists have
written or recorded patriotic songs to show their support. After posting
a free MP3 download of "Amazing Grace" on their website, gODHEAD has
become part of's special feature. Now you can get your
download of "Amazing Grace" and several other free downloads at Just head on over to:
and check out what gODHEAD and other popular artists are doing in
tribute to the heroes of America.

Personal message from Jason of gODHEAD: Living in the Washington, DC
area the events of September 11th hit very close to home, literally. As
the commercial airliner slammed into the Pentagon, the explosion could
be heard in our neighborhood as our windows rattled. I recently drove by
the Pentagon and the damage looks 100 times worse in person than it does
on TV. I can only imagine what New York looks like in person. Everyone
in our band knows someone who has been personally affected in both
cities. All we can hope for is that steps are taken to make sure nothing
like this happens ever again.

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