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Limp Bizkit Cancel Five Tour Dates... Fred fell down and can't get up?

Limp Bizkit have cancelled the remaining five gigs on their European tour and returned to the United States following an injury to singer Fred Durst.

The cancellations include the band's biggest-ever headlining appearance at Milton Keynes Bowl scheduled for next weekend on Sunday (June 24). Also affected are dates at Punchestown Racecourse in Dublin and shows in Germany and Switzerland

A statement released this afternoon says: Fred Durst has suffered an increasingly painful and distressing back injury. After consultation with a number of Doctors and Orthopaedic specialists over the past ten days, Durst was told that a 'mandatory' rest period of at least two weeks was needed from all physical activities to allow the injury, identified by MRI as a 'stress fracture to the fifth lumbar vertebrae' to begin to heal. He will then undergo a period of gradual recovery and physical rehabilitation.

Due to prior commitments and scheduling problems, none of the remaining five Bizkit tour dates are likely to be rescheduled at this time.

A spokesperson for the band adds today: "This having been the band's longest and most successful tour to date has made the cancellation all the more difficult for the band. They once again thank all of their fans for the support they have given them and for making the tour such an outstanding and unforgettable experience."

Ticket holders for The National Bowl at Milton Keynes on Sunday 24 June 2001 should contact their point of purchase to arrange for a refund.
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