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October Update / P45 In Stores / Zombie Team / POA Virtual Sampler!!!

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Oct. 2nd, 2001 | 12:17 pm
posted by: immorak in loud


OCTOBER is here�Halloween, the beginning of the Fall season and a few new
happenings in the world of StreetWise. Check out what�s going on:


Tuesday, October 2nd
PRESSURE 4-5 � �Burning The Process�


Just in time for the Halloween season, Rob Zombie is ready to drop his new
record, �The Sinister Urge.� And who does he hire to get the word out on the
streets�none other than StreetWise! We are DAMN EXCITED to be working Mr.
Zombie�s new record and we�re sure you are to.

Click on the link below to join:


Impur is an all hook, raw energy four piece rock band from Redondo Beach, CA.
The band consists of two vocalists, a hell of a lot of melody and edgy guitar
driven energy in the form of Incubus meets Metallica. Although the members range
from 14-20 years old, the lyrics and energy are introspective, heavy and
brutally honest. The band delivers sincere rock that will satisfy listeners of
all genres of music. Impur is currently in production for their upcoming
release for Warner Bros Records, scheduled for April, 2002.


This hard-edged rock powerhouse epitomizes the perfect mix of inspired
heaviness, cleverly crafted melodies, and seesaw dynamics that whip the listener
around like a sonic roller coaster. Since forming in 1997, the group released
two exceptional indie CDs � �Real� and �Indecision� - and took it upon
themselves to do everything a label would do. For starters, the members of GRYP
serviced their music to press and radio, ultimately lighting up the airwaves on
several college and specialty radio stations across North America and Europe.
Then, when it came to touring, the group didn't complain about fuel prices, or
club bookers seemingly incapable of returning calls. Instead, driven by sheer
excitement over their music, GRYP hit the open highway performing in nearly ever
state and providence in the U.S. and Canada. These dates included several high
profile shows, from the Vans Warped Tour to opening for groups like 311,
Pennywise, P.O.D., Fenix TX, and MxPx.

It�s up to the eyes and ears of the streets�YOU to decide on whether or not we
should �Use It or Lose It.�

Click here to vote:


Below is a link to the official P.O.A. Buzzalong virtual sampler. This is your
opportunity (if you don't already have it) to listen to all of the tracks that
appear on the official P.O.A. sampler that is being given away at the shows.
They are also offering a contest where if you send the link to your friends, you
may be eligible to win a signed Rammstein guitar or other cool merchandise. The
more people that you send it to and the more people that they send it to...the
better your chances are to win (think of this as a chain letter contest). GET
ON IT!!!

Click here to hear the METAL:

StreetWise Concepts & Culture 2001
"Bringing You The Sickest New Shit First"

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