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Roadrunner Newsletter -- Roadrunner is Raging

Yes, it's true Nickelback have begun their conquest of the Rock world. We're
proud to announce that 'Silver Side Up', their 2nd Roadrunner release featuring
the single 'How You Remind Me', hit the streets running... at full speed - The
#2 record in the country! If you have a radio station in your area they are
playing 'How You Remind Me'. Nickelback and Roadrunner would like to
collectively thank all the fans and supporters out there that have already
picked up the record, picked up their phone and requested the song or come the
see the band live.
Haven't heard Nickelback yet? weird. Check em out at

Fear Factory, Machine Head, Chimaira and Ill Nino are in the midst of the ROAD
RAGE Tour, tearing shit up across the US. Our friends at shoutweb have created a
tour page with all the info you'll need about all the bands, the dates, music
and videos from the bands, and a shot at getting you and your crew some tickets.
Check it out at

To go along with this sick tour we've got a stack of records on the way:

MACHINE HEAD's SUPERCHARGER streets 10.02 (that's next Tuesday). Check out the 3
part mini-series about the creation of this amazing album.

CHIMAIRA's PASS OUT OF EXISTENCE streets 10.02 as well (it's going to be a good
day). Check out what you're in for here -

And some other records have just touched down:

DEICIDE's IN TORMENT IN HELL is out NOW - the latest release in from the fathers
of Death Metal.

SPINESHANK's THE HEIGHT OF CALLOUSNESS Digipak - their amazing sophomore release
repackaged with 4 bonus tracks - out now!
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