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Powerman 5000 Plan July Tour, 'Doomsday' Release...

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Jun. 18th, 2001 | 09:47 am
posted by: immorak in loud

Powerman 5000 are set to kick off a headlining tour in mid-July. The bands rumored to be opening the tour include Stereomud, Machine Head and Saliva. Powerman 5000 will drop the first single "Bombshell" to radio in mid-July are have a tentative August 7th release date for their new album "Anyone For Doomsday?" on Dreamworks.

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from: askani
date: Jun. 18th, 2001 05:14 pm (UTC)

i think when you go to Streetwise.com you can hear that song playing. i'm signed to their street team. (that's right, not e-team) because i got it in my e-mail. wow. i'm special. i got in before it was even advertised on their site......i'm just waiting to see if i get any swag. :o)

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