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Sep. 22nd, 2001 | 08:37 pm
posted by: immorak in loud

Ozzy Osbourne has launched a special promotion for fans to pre-order his upcoming new album "Down To Earth", and receive it up to three weeks before it actually hits stores. As an added bonus for ordering early, the first pressing of the album will feature a special limited edition CD that includes a ten minute video montage highlighting Ozzy's career. More info is expected to be made available at http://www.getozzynow.com, this coming Monday, September 24th. For those not interested in such things, the album itself will land in stores on October 16th through Epic. In other news, it seems that due to some copyright problems, Ozzy has been forced to change the name of his upcoming fall tour from Black Christmas to Come All Ye Faithful. At present, Rob Zombie and Mudvayne have been confirmed for the bill, while another act is set to be announced shortly.

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