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Static-X Statement...

Statement from Static-X

September 13, 2001

Static-X would like to offer extreme condolences and express our heart-felt
support for all those affected by the disasters in New York City and Washington
DC on Tuesday. We were all horrified and appalled at these events and our lives
were turned upside-down.

We had a great time on our recent tour of Europe, May-June, with Slipknot. We
were all looking forward to seeing our friends and fans there, and were excited
about the prospect of touring with Pantera, Slayer, and Cradle of Filth. But we
made the decision to cancel our participation in the "Tattoo The Planet" tour,
scheduled to begin on Sept. 14.

The past four days have been spent making arrangements and accommodations to try
to do this tour. We were all waiting to fly to Europe. Due to safety, financial
and scheduling reasons culminating today, we made the decision to pull out of
the tour. We look forward to coming back to Europe in the near future in support

Wayne Static
Ken Jay
Tony Campos
Tripp Eisen

"I fly I fly, around the world. Through the night sky, I feel the end, the end
is near. Relations die. One mile, ten thousand miles. Makes no difference.
Changes more changes. Get to it. Get to the Gone."
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