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System Of A Down Debut At #1 With "Toxicity"

System Of A Down debuted in the #1 position on this week's album sales chart. New numbers were released on Thursday, following the announcement of incomplete data on Wednesday. System Of A Down sold over 220,000 copies of "Toxicity" in its first week of release. Here are how Shoutweb artists did this week on the charts.
01 System Of A Down - Toxicity
06 Staind - Break The Cycle
07 Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
12 Slipknot - Iowa
17 Puddle Of Mudd - Come Clean
23 Drowning Pool - Sinner
33 Disturbed - The Sickness
48 Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish
68 Tool - Lateralus
70 Adema - Adema
92 Incubus - Make Yourself
122 Godsmack - Awake
141 Alice In Chains - Greatest Hits
151 Mudvayne - L.D. 50
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