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StreetWise Newsletter this week...


My prayers go out to all of you, especially our NY based StreetWisers and their
friends and families who's immediate lives have been so hugely effected by this
horrific, cowardly act of violence. In one way or another, this is a direct hit
to all of us and to the heart of OUR Country, our land, our soil. StreetWise
stands for something much more important than just promoting bands and creating
new trends in music, fashion and communication. To me, StreetWise is synonymous
that "it's not how hard you fall, but how high you bounce back up". I would like
each and every one of you to think about this statement and live by it. Take
PRIDE in your existence and your country. Take pride in what we have done
together as a group! Look back over the past few years at the change and
progress we have all brought upon this industry. It's AMAZING the positive
effect we have on so many bands' and peoples lives and careers. Each and every
one of y
ou can, and does, make a difference. Now, we need to create from the deepest
part of our souls that same positive outlook on each other, and others around
us, in this time of despair.
I would like to propose that the WHOLE STREETWISE FAMILY take a breath, a deep
breath, and put in a prayer for those who perished and for those who have lost
loved ones........

Now it's time for STRENGTH IN NUMBERS! Let's "PLEDGE" together and bounce back
with our heads up! Communicate, reach out and lend a helping hand to someone who
needs it. There is nothing more righteous than giving love and help, where and
when it is needed. My friends, what goes around comes around and believe
me-those who brought upon this act will indeed FALL HARD in the end. We, the
youth of AMERICA and our fellow AMERICANS will win! I promise you all.

It may be a coincidence, but we have a tour starting (postponed one week out of
respect for our fallen) on Sept 21st in Denver called "The Pledge Of Allegiance"
tour. What do these words mean to you? This has a tremendous meaning to me. When
I came up with this name for the tour it was out of our dedication to you kids,
our Country and what we stand for. Now it's time for you to generate meaning and
wear that meaning with PRIDE, everywhere you go!

I love and Respect you all,
Beno (H.M.F.I.C.)
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