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LOUD Playlist...

Hey, if you like to win stuff, don't miss this episode of LOUD. We've got lots to give away!

Playlist for Saturday, September 8:
P.O.D: "Alive"
Nonpoint: "What A Day"
Breach of Trust: "Disease"
Rage Against The Machine: "People of the Sun"
Grade: "A Year In The Past Forever"
Jimmy Eat World : "Bleed American"
Mogwai: "Christmas Steps"
Slipknot: "Left Behind"
Static-X: "This Is Not"
Powerman 5000: "Bombshell"
Hypocrisy: "The Final Chapter"
Dismember: "Casket Garden"
Entombed: "Wolverine Blues"

* Playlist subject to change without notice

This looks like a good loud.. not too bad.. most of the videos i don't think i have seen!
The first video (a new video to loud!) is P.O.D.'s 'Alive'. This is a pretty cool video with a good song. The video is about a guy who is driving down the road in his car when he gets hit by a bus and his life plays before him. I am not a huge fan of P.O.D. but i like a few of their songs and this is one of them.
Then we have Nonpoint's 'What a day'.. i have not seen this video yet.. it might be another new video but i don't know.. if you do fill me in please!
Breach of Trust's 'Disease' is also a new one to me..
I have never seen Rage Against The Machine's 'People of the Sun' before.. its one of the few Rage videos i have not seen.
Grade's 'A Year In The Past Forever' i have heard the band before and its not too bad.. as for the video.. no idea.. another video added to the list of the unknown..
Jimmy Eat World's 'Bleed American' and Mogwai 'Christmas Steps' are both new to me also.. well.. i think i saw the last 30 sec. of 'Bleed American' by Jimmy Eat World on MTV2 .. but it wasn't enough to talk about it.
Slipknot's 'Left Behind' is new to loud.. I am surprised they got the new video on Loud so soon. Much Music usually gets new videos 2-3 weeks after they come out or they just choose to show it after that time. Left Behind is a really cool video. What i get from the video is that the two kids pick on the one kid because he is kinda poor. At the end of the video the poor kid goes into a basement or celler place while they sing, "Let it all slip away..." makes sence to me..
Static-x's 'This Is Not' is a live video but a very good one! they way its all put together just rocks! The song is one of my favorites!
Powerman 5000's 'Bombshell' is new to loud and to me too. The band really messed up with their new album. It was going to come out Aug. 28 but they took it back into the studio because the lyrics were not strong enough. I have heard most of their cd off the net and i am glad they took it back to the studio.. i found that the cd was kinda.. CRAP! Sorry.. but its the truth.
Hypocrisy's 'The Final Chapter', Dismember's 'Casket Garden', and Entombed's 'Wolverine Blues' are all new to me.

Well loud should be a good one this week...
i hope i can stay up and watch it but i work all day on Saturday so i think i will miss it.. :(
oh well..

Play it loud!
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