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System Of A Down Show Incites Riot, In-Store Cancelled... ('s version)

System Of A Down were forced to cancel a scheduled free show in Los Angeles, CA on Monday, September 3rd. The cancellation incited a riot with fans rushing barricades, looting and destroying all of the band's equipment, and attacking security guards. Hundreds of fans rushed the stage after the band's banner was taken down, signifying that the band was not going to perform. Fans proceeded to push over giant stacks of speakers and ripped apart and took every piece of the band's equipment available. LAPD riot police broke up the looting, shooting rubber bullets and hitting fans with batons. Several fans on the side of the stage were hit in the head by glass bottles thrown from the crowd.

System Of A Down have cancelled their in-store performance on Tuesday, September 4th, at the Tower Records in Los Angeles, CA.

(editor note: Shoutweb contributors were assaulted by police officers while attempting to flee the premises. The tense situation was fueled by lack of security, over promotion of the event and an inappropriate setting for the concert (a giant parking lot). The overcrowding of the parking lot and surrounding areas, which included fans scaling fences directly behind the stage, lead to a situation where the band could not feasibly play. No official announcement was made about the band canceling the performance, only the banner was taken down and the small amount of security attempted to disband the crowd. Many of the people who rushed the stage, who stole the band's equipment, were wearing System Of A Down shirts. One has to ask if these are really fans.)
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