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Static-X bass player injured in motorcycle accident as band readies
for start of Extreme Steel national tour.

Tony Campos suffered a broken collarbone in a motorcycle accident on Monday
evening. Campos was riding his motorcycle near his home in Los Angeles,
California when the accident occurred.

Frontman Wayne Static said, "We're all disappointed that Tony is injured,
and we're not exactly sure who will play bass on the start the upcoming
tour, but everyone should be certain that Static-X will be on stage when the
tour begins next week. We're extremely psyched about this tour, and can't
wait to get out there. We hope Tony can re-join us soon."

Static-X will be in New Haven, CT on Wednesday, June 20 for the opening show
of the Extreme Steel tour. In addition to Static-X, the tour also features
Pantera, Slayer, Morbid Angel and Skrape.

Machine, Static-X's new Warner Bros. CD, debuted on the Billboard Top 200
album chart last week at Number 11. It's the follow up to the band's
platinum selling debut Wisconsin Death Trip.


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