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Down To Ozzbourne...

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Sep. 2nd, 2001 | 08:07 pm
posted by: immorak in loud

Ozzy Osbourne has lined up the tentative list of tracks set to show up on his forthcoming new album "Down To Earth", which is due out through Epic on October 16th. It is as follows:
"Gets Me Through"
"Something That I Never Had"
"Easy Way Out"
"Facing Hell"
"You Know..."
"Running Out of Time"
"Black Illusion"
"Can You Hear Them?"
In other news, MTV will be airing a 30 minute special on Ozzy on September 16th which will be followed by the debut of the recently filmed video for his current single "Gets Me Through". VH1 are also slated to shoot some more footage with Ozzy for an extended version of his "Behind The Music" episode, which they plan to air in October.

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