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LOUD! Playlist...

In this edition of Loud, watch for appearances by members of Pantera, Disturbed and Linkin Park.

Playlist for Saturday, September 1:
Pantera: "Drag The Waters"
Marilyn Manson: "The Beautiful People"
Cradle Of Filth: "Her Ghost In The Fog"
Disturbed: "Down With The Sickness"
Godsmack: "Awake"
Metallica: "For Whom The Bell Tolls"
Ministry: "N.W.O"
Skinny Puppy: "Spasmolytic"
Danzig: "Five Finger Crawl"
Kyuss: "Demon Cleaner"

* Playlist subject to change without notice

Now this Loud looks like its going to be a damn good one!
Pantera's 'Drag The Waters' is a new one to me.. i like Pantera so i am hoping for a good one!
Marilyn Manson's 'The Beautiful People' is almost a classic by now. I remember the first time i saw it on Much Music. My exact words to my sister (well from what i remember) were, "What the fuck kind of video is that?" Then the song came out on 'Big Shinny Tunes 2' and i played it to hell! The video rocks! The song is also the new theme song of WWF's SmackDown! (Its a re-mix but still the song.)
Cradle Of Filth's 'Her Ghost In The Fog' is the only Cradle Of Filth video they will play on Loud. Why not the 'From The Cradle To Enslave' Video? Look here, here, here, here, or here. Now do you know why? If it was not for 'Her Ghost In The Fog' i don't think i would of ever found out about Cradle Of Filth! The video rocks!
Disturbed's 'Down With The Sickness' rocks! I have been listening to that song for months before the video so i was quite surprised when i saw it for the first time. The video version of the song has the what i call 'freak out' verse cut out.. (In the song he freaks out and yells things like, "you stupid bitch", "fucking whore", etc...) Another rocking video!
Godsmack's 'Awake' rocks! I can't get enough of that song! The music from the song is in a US Navy commercial! Did you know that?
Metallica's 'For Whom The Bell Tolls' is an ok song.. i have seen the video but i don't remember it.. Fill me in if you like.. Metallica's a good metal band.. just a little too caught up in the $$$.
Ministry's 'N.W.O' I really like this song.. I hear Ministry is working on some new stuff right now.. i can't wait for it!
Skinny Puppy's 'Spasmolytic' i don't know anything about.. i never really listened to much Skinny Puppy but i hear they are pretty good.
Danzig's 'Five Finger Crawl' This video was on Loud not that long ago but i still think it rocks! I have this cd in my collection!
Kyuss's 'Demon Cleaner' anyone know anything about this band? I don't!
I hope that the Pantera, Disturbed and Linkin Park appearances are good!

Re-cap of last weeks Loud.
This is a new thing i thought i would start.
I just saw last weeks loud tonight because i was in P.E.I. and witchmooon taped it for me. Thanks man!
anyway.. Did you notice that they said Fuck about 5 or 6 times on Loud? George said it once and the guys from slipknot said it the other 4 or 5 times. I find this interesting because Much Music have been 'beeping' out Loud for years!
I also found it interesting how everyone was like, "Fuck Fred Durst" at the Slipknot concert. Corey of slipknot even said he conceders Fred Durst a business man but not an artist. He knows how to sell albums but not how to make them real.
Its so true. and so very sad.

That's the end of this weeks Loud review. If you would like to review loud please do! and post it on the loud community!

Don't forget Slipknot's new video 'Left Behind' comes out on Thursday August 30th and will be played every hour on the hour on MTV2!

Keep it loud!

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