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Mouthful Of Kittie...

Kittie are currently mixing their forthcoming new album "Oracle" with Randy Staub (Metallica, U2) in Vancouver, BC at the Warehouse. The group recently held a private listening session for it, during which they debuted 8 new tracks from the effort for select press, songs played include:
"Mouthful Of Poison"
"In Winter"
"Run Like Hell" (Pink Floyd Cover)
"What I've Always Wanted"
"No Name"
A detailed run down of the each track played is available here. In the meantime, it looks as though the track "What I've Always Wanted" is tentatively being eyed as the first single from the release, which is due out through Artemis on October 30th. Meanwhile, the only other known tentative track title for the effort so far is "Wolves".
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