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Dope Newsletter...

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Aug. 23rd, 2001 | 11:19 pm
posted by: immorak in loud

dope fans!
read on and check out the following dope news:

*** new dope album!
*** free concert/live taping in chi-town!
*** more dope tour dates

*** new dope album
there's a new dope album called "life" coming down the pike.
the album hits stores october 30, so stay tuned to the dope web
for announcements, updates and music from the new record!

*** free concert/live taping in chi-town!
dope will perform a FREE SHOW on thursday, 8/30 at the metro in
chicago. they'll be taping it, so come down and get in some
dope footage! all ages are welcome.

*** dope tour dates
in addition to the metro show, the boys will be doing some
special preview tour dates with COLD that start 8/28.
details follow:

8/28 St. Louis @ The Galaxy
8/29 Cincinnati @ Bogart's
8/31 Grand Rapids @ Intersection
9/1 Louisville @ Waterfront Park
9/2 Rochester @ WaterStreet Music Hall

get all tour updates, new album news and more at:

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