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Broken Downer...

In a recent interview with University Of Anarchy, Downer frontman John Scott confirmed that the band will be breaking up in the very near future, here's what he had to say:
"As far as the current state of Downer......Literally, as we speak, we are breaking up and ending the misery of doing this forever. It is ending bitterly for all involved. Friendships are ending and new eras in our lives are beginning. You are hearing it first right hear. Downer is officially no more. Bet you didn't expect to hear this, huh???"
In the interview, John goes on to blame their label Roadrunner for the parting of ways and throws many a barb their way. When asked why their debut CD for the label, which was in release limbo for quite a months, took so long to be released, he said the following:
"Because Roadrunner sucks my cock. They have no fucking idea what the hell they're doing sometimes. If you wear masks and look scary, you get top priority. If you put out a record that can go to radio and still retain hardcore integrity, They forget how to do their jobs and force you to scratch and claw for everything you can get. They've been fucking us since day one and it won't end until we are gone. Hell, we signed a 5 record deal and I'm still answering these questions from work. We can't tour because the majority of the band is sitting at desks working their jobs to pay rent. Every band on that label is fucked....even if they don't know it yet. They'll get screwed one way or another. How's that for honesty?"
You can check out the full interview here.
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