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CD Release Dates.. and plans to record.

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Dec. 14th, 2002 | 01:41 pm
mood: naughtynaughty
music: Open Hand - Life As Is
posted by: witchmooon in loud

The Blood Brothers upcoming new album "Burn Piano Island, Burn" has been pushed back to a March 18th release date through I AM/ARTISTdirect. The effort was produced by Ross Robinson (Korn, Glassjaw).

Sepultura have begun the pre-production of their upcoming new album with producer Steve Evetts (Hatebreed, Earth Crisis) and are expecting to officially start the recording of the effort in January. A release in the spring/summer through an as of yet unannounced label is expected.

36 Crazy Fists are planning to hit the studio this spring to begin recording their next album for Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam with an as of yet undetermined producer. The album will see a late 2003 release.

Currently Slipknot are planning to begin recording their new album this spring with producer Rick Rubin (System Of A Down, Slayer) at the helm, while a fall/winter release through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam is being mapped out.

Killswitch Engage have been writing new material as of late and could be entering the studio to record their new album, their first with Howard Jones as a frontman, as early as January. A summer/fall release through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam is being plotted.

Linkin Park are said to have now completed the recording process for their new album and are currently mixing it with Andy Wallace (System Of A Down, Slipknot) in New York. 12 tracks in total are expected to be included on the release, which was co-produced by band frontman Mike Shinoda and Don Gilmore (TRUSTcompany, Pearl Jam), when it sees a release through Warner in March.

Ill Niño are hard at work writing their new album which they plan to begin recording in February. The group recently demoed four new tracks and are expected to decide upon a producer for the album recording sessions shortly. A late summer/fall release through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam is being planned for the effort.

The Deftones are reportedly now eyeing a February release through Maverick for their forthcoming new album.

Spineshank are currently in Vancouver, BC putting the finishing touches on their upcoming new album "Self Destructive Pattern" with producer GGGarth Richardson (Rage Against The Machine, Mudvayne). The band hope to complete the recording process by December 22nd and will begin mixing it in January with a May 13th release date through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam being eyed.

Looks like a rocking year for 2003! :)

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from: witchmooon
date: Dec. 14th, 2002 07:35 pm (UTC)

Not really..

The Blood Brothers - March 18th (before X-Mas for sure)

Sepultura - release in the spring/summer - (no later than the fall)

36 Crazy Fists - late 2003 release (X-Mas time) 1

Currently Slipknot - fall/winter (X-Mas) 2

Killswitch Engage summer/fall release. (late fall maybe)

Linkin Park -release through Warner in March. (still early 2003)

Ill Niño- A late summer/fall release (fall 2003)

The Deftones - February release (still spring of 2003)

Spineshank - a May 13th release date (won't change.)

So like 2 of those may run into the X-Mas of next year or later!

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from: witchmooon
date: Dec. 15th, 2002 06:51 am (UTC)

Spineshank started in May/June..
But never got into the studio until like 3 weeks ago.... they were just jamming and writing.. then got into the studio and layed down the tracks..

Latest on Cold is that the lyrics are being written.. just now! jesus! that CD will take forever..

I agree.. you are a bitch too! :P

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