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Pop Canceled
Korn have been forced to cancel the five final dates of their Pop Sux! tour due to the strained vocal chords of band frontman Jonathan Davis. Wednesday and Thursday's Canadian dates will still take place as previously scheduled however. Dates canceled range from December 07th through till December 12th.
*laughs and cries*

Doper 55
As a result of a strained nerve being suffered in the shoulder of band guitarist Snake, Skinlab have now dropped off of their tour with Dope and Primer 55.
Wow, what a happy touring time this is... NOT!

Produce This Album!
System Of A Down guitarist Daron Malakian recently revealed to Kerrang! that he has started a new, and as of yet unnamed, project with Amen vocalist Casey Chaos. Here's what he had to say on the matter:
"You could say it's a little bit of both of our worlds coming together, with his rock edge and my eclectic edge. Our worlds are different, but I thought they would make a good mix, which is why I approached him and asked him to do something. I wanted to stay away from System. It's a vision I have for this sound and I feel like a voice and a character like Casey's fits into the vibe really well. We don't have a name for it yet. Amen are an awesome punk rock band."
In other news, Malakian has been continuing producing material from up and coming bands as of late, the latest being a new 3 song demo for CA's Implant. For more info on the recording sessions and Implant, check out
Can't wait!

---> END.
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