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Thanks For Dope

Dope have set an October 30th release date for their forthcoming new album for Flip/Epic which has now been confirmed to be titled "Life". The effort, which was co-produced by Edsel Dope and Josh Abraham (Staind, Orgy) shapes up as follows:
01 - "Take Your Best Shot"
02 - "Now or Never"
03 - "Nothing (Why)"
04 - "Stop"
05 - "Thanks For Nothing"
06 - "Die MF Die"
07 - "What About..."
08 - "Move It"
09 - "Jennys Cryin"
10 - "With or Without You"
11 - "Crazy"
12 - "Slipping Away"
13 - "March of Hope"
14 - "Youre Full of Shit" (Hidden Track)
The first single from the release will be the track "Now Or Never", which is set to impact at radio on September 18th. Meanwhile, the groups previously announced August 28th and 29th dates, as well as their August 31st through till September 02nd stops will take place opening for Cold. In other news, the band have also announced the latest additions to their line-up, who replace former guitarist Tripp Eisen who has since went onto Static-X and former drummer Preston Nash who is now a member of Primer 55. Now in their place is guitarist Virus and drummer Sketchy Shay, while Sloane Mosey Jentry has been enlisted to handle the bassist slot.
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