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LOUD! on Much Music (and MMUSA) every Saurday Night (RIGHT NOW!)

George is in New York this week so Loud will be coming at you from the home of cool bands like Biohazard, Agnostic Front and Glassjaw. We'll also check out the new Mudvayne and Now Playing is up and running!

Biohazard: Sell Out
Hatebreed : I Will Be Heard
Agnostic Front : Gotta Go
Cro-Mags: We Gotta Know
Audioslave: Cochise
Glassjaw:Cosmopolitan Blood Loss
Explosive Rage Disorder: Twitch
Bucket Truck: Don't Call Me Judas/If It's All The Same
Mudvayne : Not Falling
Iron Maiden: Flight Of The Icarus
Ozzy Osbourne : Crazy Train
* Playlist subject to change
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