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Steal This Coverart
System Of A Down have announced that their upcoming new release "Steal This Album" will hit stores with 5 different cover arts, 4 of which will be created by the individual members of the band themselves. Each band members limited edition cover art will consist of a 50,000 pressing, and according to recent press release, will shape up as follows:
"John's CD features an abstract image that is open to the viewer's interpretation; Daron's is a drawing of two people engaged in an intimate situation; Shavo's is a maze-like illustration, and Serj's is a series of concentric circles of words and phrases."
"Steal This Album" is slated for a November 26th release date through American/Columbia.

Short Rehab
Filter frontman Richard Patrick has now completed his stint in rehab and is looking forward to getting back to music, for an official statement from Patrick, click here.

Crazy White Tumor
Amen bassist John "Tumor" Fahnestock recently lent his talents to a number of songs on the upcoming album from Holland's Crazy White Sean. More information is available at while you can dl songs from the band

Pitiful Grind
Blindside filmed a cameo performance of their current single "Pitiful" in Los Angeles, CA last week for the closing scene of the upcoming Warner Bros. skateboarding film, "Grind". The film is expected to open in theaters in summer 2003.

Synthetic Addition
Crossbreed have now lined up a new bassist by the name of Bishop to fill the vacancy left by Charlie Parker who exited the group earlier this year. Currently the band hard at work on their upcoming new album, for which they already have around 16-17 songs written. Around 11 or 12 of those are expected to make it on the new album, which they will begin recording shortly with a spring/summer release being eyed.

Delaying The Trip
Jerry Cantrell's forthcoming double disc release "Degradation Trip Vols. 1 & 2" has now been pushed back to a December 10th release through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam.

A Call For February
Hatebreed are now reportedly planning to head back into the studio to begin work on their next album this coming February. A summer/fall release through Republic/Universal is in the works.

Impossibly Recording
Chimaira are now set to begin recording their new album "The Impossibility Of Reason" on November 25th with Ben Schigel of SW1TCHED fame producing. The group will be recording the effort at Spider Studios in Cleveland, OH and around 15-20 songs are expected to be tracked, of which 11 will be included on the record. Working song titles for the new material include:
"Pure Hatred"
"Down Again"
"Implements Of Destruction"
"The Dehumanizing Process"
"Pictures In The Goldroom"
"Indifferent To Suffering"
"Army Of Me"
The entire recording process will be filmed in the hopes of a forthcoming bonus DVD release and clips of it will also be posted as online updates at the bands newly launched temporary recording page at In related news, band frontman Mark Hunter recently commented on the sound of the upcoming record saying:
"We really went back to our roots on this record. We are not talking a 1996 roots either, we are talking 1982-1992 era, when metal was good, and fast and loaded with ripping solos. We are all really excited with what we have written thus far. We are all better at our instruments and we have so much aggression to get out some things that happened to us in the past year and a half, that we are just ready to explode."
He also went on to comment about working with Ben, stating:
"Recording with Ben is great, our fans love the sounds of our demos, and our EP, so not only do we get to record how we want, but we get the chance to deliver the sounds our fans want. Also, since we have been in bands together with Ben, toured with him and have known him for years, it is a lot easier to go into the studio and create with someone who knows you inside out. We are also excited to record this record in our home town."
Ben Schigel of course co-produced the bands EP offering "This Present Darkness" alongside the band as well as mixed and engineered the aforementioned release. If all goes according to plan, "The Impossibility Of Reason" will see a release in the spring/summer through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam.

Audioslave bassist Tim Commerford recently commented on his current relationship with former Rage Against The Machine vocalist Zack De La Rocha and how the two have not spoken in two years, saying:
"I hope that one of us will be a big enough man just to say, 'This is bullshit. I love you.'"
Commerford and De La Rocha were childhood friends and of course spent the bulk of the 90's playing together in Rage Against The Machine. For a very candid interview with various members of Audioslave, check here. Audioslave's self-titled debut effort will see a release through Epic on November 19th through.

Green Bizkit
Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo recently lent his vocals to a song from the forthcoming new Limp Bizkit record "Less Is More". The album is currently slated for an April 01st release date through Flip/Interscope and may or may not feature guest guitar contributions from Korn's Brian "Head" Welch and Page Hamilton of Helmet/Gandhi fame when it lands in stores.
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