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DEATHRIDE To Perform Series Of Showcases

California's DEATHRIDE, the new project featuring COAL CHAMBER frontman Dez Fafara, are set to begin performing a series of showcase gigs with a view towards signing a record deal and issuing a CD in early 2003.

"DEATHRIDE has been rehearsing every day, and we are now preparing ourselves for a series of showcases — not 'shows', showcases," said Fafara. "Which means play the songs for 4 or 5 people as they stand there with their arms crossed. DEATHRIDE loves the challenge and accepts it with open arms and thanks very much the opportunity these companies have given to prove ourselves. One will be in our hometown studio on Friday [Nov. 8], and one will be in Los Angeles on Tuesday or Wednesday. Trying to secure a new sound is proving to be quite fruitful and it's good to see the ears of the industry open."

FINCH Guitarist Slams DISTURBED's DRAIMAN: "I'd Shoot Him In The Fucking Head" -

FINCH guitarist Randy Strohmeyer had the following to say about DISTURBED singer David Draiman in the current issue of MeanStreet magazine: "I'd shoot him in the fucking head. I'd rip his stupid little piercings out. They're just cheesy. It bums me out because their music is terrible, and what they're about, it's just shit. Hopefully all that music will die out soon, and hopefully it will make room for the good music."
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