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What's Up and What's Out ---

Read on...perhaps this should be called the New York City update:

Happy Halloween to all. And what will you be doing the day after? As you
should all be well aware of by now, this Friday night (11/01) we are hosting an
advance screening of the upcoming Slipknot 'Disasterpieces' DVD. This night is
not only for industry nerds (and we mean that in the nicest possible way), but
open to you the fans. If you can get yourself to NYC (the Manhattan Center at
34th St & 8th Ave), you are invited to join. This will be a night to remember -
'entertainment,' special guests, hot dogs & cotton candy, raffles, and a showing
of this DVD that will blow your mind.

Check out for all the details. Things
get started around 6:00pm...and get here early, as space is limited and the 1st
100 maggots in costume get some free goods.

Next up, the "What's Out" part of this email:

Ah, the Revolution is calling once more - Ill Nino's 'Revolution...Revolucion'
is making its 2nd coming, and it's in stores now. The digi version of this
release has five extra tracks - two live ("God Save Us" and Soulfly's "Eye For
An Eye"), two Spanish ("What Comes Around" and "Unreal"), and one b-side from
the original sessions ("Fallen"), two videos ("What Comes Around" and "Unreal"),
plus new artwork and photos. Oh, and speaking of NYC, upon returning from
Europe, Ill Nino has confirmed at show at NYC's Irving Plaza on 11/23.

Speaking of DVD's, Nickelback's 'Live At Home' is now in the stores. This bad
boy hosts 14 live tracks shot at an explosive homecoming show in Edmonton, 4
videos, a brand new unreleased song, band interviews, candid backstage footage,
and something about a documentary...It's good, eh? Eh!

And last, one more NYC mention, shout out, whatever you want to call it: The
legendary Life Of Agony (the original line up of Keith, Alan, Joey Z., and Sal)
has announced a one time show - January 4th, 2003 at Irving NYC -
but, of course. Tickets went on sale this past Saturday, and sold out in 20
minutes. To a great New Year.

Hope to see you on Friday...
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