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Slipknot's "Iowa" Leaks, "Left Behind" Video Gets Set...

Slipknot's new album "Iowa" has leaked on the net in mp3 format. The album will hit stores on August 28th. The band's label Roadrunner Records stemmed off an earlier leak by not sending out any promotional copies of the album. Slipknot are rumored to be finishing up the video for "Left Behind", which is expected to debut on MTV somewhere around the release of "Iowa".

Tracklist for your downloading pleasure:
01 - "(515)"
02 - "People = Shit"
03 - "Disasterpiece"
04 - "My Plague"
05 - "Everything Ends"
06 - "The Heretic Anthem"
07 - "Gently"
08 - "Left Behind"
09 - "The Shape"
10 - "I Am Hated"
11 - "Skin Ticket"
12 - "New Abortion"
13 - "Metabolic"
14 - "Iowa"
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