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My band, , just put up new live recordingz. Found here; http://thechildrenoftheplague.com/mp3.html
Any feedback is welcome on the music. this is probably ill advised but i just want to defend the audio quality of our mp3s on www.thechildrenoftheplague.com. The nature of this music is raw, panic and volatility, so it goes without sayin the audio quality should be too. This isnt a cop out either, me and the band are more than capable of producing professional studio quality CD, we choose this route because it reflects the diseased, broken and violent queintessence of the songs. (its not easier either) my eyes bleed sexually transmitted religion. I mean though the audio quality is far from perfect , i think thats where part of the beauty lies and was our intention to begin with. the canvas is as important as the paint and in this case we wanted a violent sounding canvas. kay-lah falls down the stairs. personally i can no longer stand metal being recorded so neat and perfect, instrument by instrument, mastred in a multi-million dollar sound studio. i want my speakers to bleed the volatility the music speaks about.
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