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Has-Beens To Stay
Sharon Osbourne recently had some less than flattering remarks to say about Korn in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. When asked about a bad experience that took place on a previous tour Korn did with Ozzy Osbourne a few years back, she had the following to say:
"This idiot who did the day-to-day for Korn. They toured with Ozzy, before they were has-beens, as they are now. [Laughs] I'm sorry, but it's true. Their day-to-day manager, the whole tour, was very precious. His band is the most precious, precious thing in the world, and "Jonathan can't sing today" and "Jonathan can't do this today because he didn't sleep last night. . . .'' And they were just too fucking gay from the word go. Every day there was another problem. And we get to San Diego, and Korn aren't there 'cause they're making a video. And I just said, "Fuck 'em off the tour - let's get somebody else."
For more from the very candid interview, check here.

Facing The Recording
Nothingface guitarist Tom Maxwell recently offered up the following update regarding the bands upcoming new album which they are currently recording at Armoury Studios in Vancouver, BC with producer Bill Kennedy (nine inch nails, Monster Magnet:
"Hello everyone! Its been a few since we've been around and I wanted to let you know that the recording is going incredibly!! Bill Kennedy is an amazing producer! He's absolutely bringing out the best from the four of us. The tones he is getting are just dominating. This is indeed the most defining moment of our lives as a band. The drums are amazing, the guitars fucking destroy and Bill's bass sound is so huge that it will tickle your asshole!!
Anyway, i just wanted to check in with you. Matt starts vocals tonight and overdubs begin next week. This is the record we've been waiting to make and we know your gonna love it!"

Sleeping Till 2003
Team Sleep frontman Chino Moreno and guitarist Todd Wilkinson recently confirmed that the bands upcoming self-titled debut will now not see a release until sometime next year. Here's what they had to say:
"Originally, we planned to make a record in three weeks; We never intended to play any shows. However, the scope of this band has changed. We continue to write new songs, and will be playing some shows in December. The Team Sleep record will be out in 2003. Thank you for being patient, or if not, thanks for being interested. We will have more audio samples and links to studio tracks soon..."

Red Cure
Vex Red have been tapped to assist The Cure on the bands upcoming new album which is slated to be produced by Ross Robinson (Slipknot, Korn). Vex Red guitarist Ant Forbes recently commented to NME on the possible collaboration saying:
"We saw Ross quite a few times while we were on tour, he came to our California shows, but he’s been busy, he’s working with Robert Smith just now, he's going to be producing the next Cure album. Apparently they like us, so we’re going back in the New Year when they start recording. I don’t know what we'll be doing, we'll find out when we get there. I never get star-struck, but I will when I meet Robert Smith, we're all massive fans."

Sepultura have set "Revolusongs" as the title to their upcoming covers EP which has now been completed and is slated for a release later this year through an as of yet unannounced label.

Stone Sour drummer Joel Ekman recently fractured his wrist onstage and as such he will be replaced for the next 2-3 weeks worth of shows on the bands current tour by former Megadeth drummer Jimmy DeGrasso.

Korn Live On DVD
Korn will be releasing a new DVD entitled "Korn Live" on November 19th through Immortal/Epic. The outing will consist of an exclusive performance which took place at New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom on June 10th, 2002 and will feature the bands entire 16 song set. In related news, Korn will also be issuing a digipak edition of their latest album "Untouchables" on the same date. The newly packaged CD will come with a bonus DVD featuring two live tracks ("Here To Stay" and "Got The Life") from the aforementioned Hammerstein Ballroom as well as two previously unreleased performance cuts. In other Korn news, band frontman Jonathan Davis recently did a photo shoot of his fiance Deven for Playboy, you can check that out here.

P.O.D. Due
P.O.D. will be releasing their new DVD/VHS home video "Still Payin' Dues" through Warner Vision on November 05th. Featured on the offering will be the videos for the tracks "Selah", "Southtown", "Alive", "Youth Of The Nation", "Boom", "Rock The Party" and "Satellite" along with live performances of the songs "The Messenjah", "Hollywood" and "School Of Hard Knocks", all of which were recorded live at a performance that took place in Hamburg, Germany this past January. Various other special features will also be present on the effort when it lands in stores.

Becoming March
Ünloco have lined up a March 25th release date through Maverick for their upcoming new album "Becoming I".

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