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FIXER at Don Hill's this Wednesday, 10/16

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Oct. 14th, 2002 | 02:37 pm
posted by: immorak in loud

Hey, folks -
FIXER is hitting Don Hill's in NYC this Wednesday at 8:45, so come
on out for some hard rokk action at this wicked village venue. An infamous
den of debauchery and a renowned hard rock emporium, Don Hill's has a killer
stage and top-notch sound, so come on down and get your rokk on.
Also, Bend Over Backwards has finally appeared on mp3.com, so
saunter over to this link and check it out:


More of our freshly recorded tunes will follow shortly, and if the gods of
CD duplication smile upon us, the newly-minted Bend EP will be available at
Don Hill's on Wednesday, yet another reason to come on down for the show.

As always, check out www.fixermusic.com for pics, news and other
goodies. See you soon.

FIXER @ Don Hill's
Wednesday, October 16th
511 Greenwich St @ Spring St
21 and over

Upcoming shows:

10-18-02 - Dock Street Bar & Grille - Staten Island, NY
11-07-02 - The Vault - Baltimore, MD
11-09-02 - "IB3" Music & Mayhem - Philly, PA
11-10-02 - Luxx - Williamsburg, NY
11-27-02 - The Pontiac Grille - Philly, PA
12-02-02 - The Middle East - Boston, MA
12-04-02 - Don Hill's - NYC
12-06-02 - Grape Street Pub - Philly, PA


Evan R. Saffer - Vocals
Wilson - Guitar, Vocals
Dreamy J Brown - Bass, Vocals
The Reverend Diamond Tim Newton - Atomic Drums


VISIT FIXER - www.fixermusic.com

BUY CDs and shirts at www.fixermusic.com/merchandise.html

LISTEN at http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/249/fixer.html


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