immorak™ (immorak) wrote in loud,

Wes Head on Sale at

Wes will be selling two Mesa Boogie Heads from his old rig on Ebay soon. More

"I'm going to be selling a couple of my guitar heads on Ebay in the next
couple of weeks. The reserve will be low. They are Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifiers
that I used in my LB touring rig. I have a bunch and don't really need the Two
I'm selling anymore. I would rather they get used by someone than sit in
storage. So check it out. They will be under "Wes Borland owned Dual Rectifier".
I think it's kind of cheesy to sell it under my own name, but that's really the
only way to explain the amount of wear and tear, not to mention all the pyro
dust inside them. I also sold someone a head before to a guy who turned around
and sold it as being owned by me, so screw it. Happy bidding if you are
interested. They are great heads."

Check in the up and coming weeks. We will keep you updated on the
status of the sales. Check in with Eat The Day @

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