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Rammstein on the big screen! The new film by US action director Rob Cohen, xXx, gets off to a brilliant start: the story about the former extreme sportsman and secret agent Xander "xXx" Cage kicks off at a Rammstein concert in Prague to the sound of "Feuer Frei!". Xander is notorious for his dare-devil stunts and in the film he is commissioned to infiltrate the Russian underground organisation "Anarchy 99".
xXx will be shown at cinemas throughout Germany from 17.10.2002.
On this occasion "Feuer Frei!" will be released on 14.10.2002 as a single from the soundtrack xXx (21.10.2002). The single contains exclusive bonus tracks, as the remix of Junkie XL (who's bouncing the charts with his version of Elvis' "A little less conversation") and two new "Feuer frei!" remixes by Rammstein. Furthermore, there will be - at Rammstein's special request - the Battery cover versions of "Du hast" and "Bück Dich" on the single. A lavish track list, ensuring that all Rammstein fans get their money's worth.
The cover artwork of "Feuer Frei!" is not based on the "Conserving" Artwork of the "Mutter" album and the recent singles, but presents a new artwork of New York based artist Robert Longo.
Feuer Frei! - from 14 October.
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