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Korn Newsletter ---> Pop Sux! Tour

Korn Fans...Korn's Pop Sux! tour with Disturbed and TRUSTcompany kicks off
October 8th in Manchester, New Hampshire! Plenty of shows are right around the
corner, but new shows are still being announced. If you're a Korn
get first access to tickets for the shows, along with online access to the
entire tour, including exclusive video clips, interviews, and road reports. It's
also your place to meet and connect with other Korn fans, online and in your

If you join Korn Kamp this week you will have first access to the best seats for
these shows:

Bakersfield, CA
Centennial Garden & Convention Center

Las Vegas, NV
The Joint

Tacoma, WA
Tacoma Dome

Colorado Springs, CO
World Arena

Sign up for the Korn Kamp now at

And keep an eye out for Korn's new video for "Alone I Break" coming very soon...

KoRn’s record label, Elementree Records, will be placing the Elementree Demo
Submission boxes on the road for the POP SUX ! tour and will be accepting band
demos at the concert venues starting October 8th, 2002. Elementree Records will
have multiple demo submission boxes set-up next to merchandising stands
throughout the POP SUX ! tour. Elementree is looking for bands that feel they
are ready to take on the wor l d of music. If you submitted your demo during the
Tour with No Name or Family Values, submit it again. Elementree is looking for
unique bands, great songs and bands that want to make it . Please include all
of your contact info and make sure you submit Compact Disks only. We are looking
for bands to sign to recording contracts and/or demo agreements.

If you and your band think you have that special sound, the drive and the
determination, submit your demo..get your friend to submit your demo and even
if you just know if a good local band, submit their demo.. you never know
the next phone call you may get may be from Jonathan Davis, Elementree

There will be more information on the Elementree page on throughout the
tour with updates. The greatest risk in life is not taking one. We look forward
to your submission.

The Staff at Elementree
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