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Ed The Sock Newsletter #2

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Oct. 5th, 2002 | 06:24 pm
posted by: immorak in loud


So, did you see how things went this week? See who Canadians voted #1 to replace
Ron McLean? ME! See - respect! Make that Respect...with a capital 'R".

Anyway, Ronnie got what he wanted in his new contract by walking out...450 Gs a
year! Well, you may not know it, but my contract has been under negitiation with
MuchMusic for about two months, and we're not getting anywhere. They keep
offering me peanuts, like I'm some organ grinder's monkey. So here's what's

As of now, any of my scheduled programming on Much has been pulled - by me. I'm
not going to return to the Much building until the contract issue is resolved.
But I'm not going to leave you hanging, or have some other idiot VJ take my
airtime in the meantime.

So Monday, I'm going to make broadcast history, by doing my show over the
telephone. That's right, I'm not coming in...I'm going to stay home and just
call-in my comments. What the hell, I'll still be more entertaining than the
rest of them combined.

Throughout the show, I'm going to take pictures of what I'm doing at home, so
you'll get to see my house and my pets and stuff, and pictures we took at the VJ
BBQ I had a few weeks ago. Plus, we'll also run my Coldplay interview, finally.

As for "Cabin Fever"...that's going to have to wait until the 21st...there was a
snafu in promotions and the show didn't get enough of a push, so I'm pulling it
until it gets the attention it deserves.

Ok, that's it for now. Oh, and sorry about the first transmission of the
newsletter last time...it was screwed up.


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