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this is interesting

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Oct. 5th, 2002 | 04:49 pm
posted by: blueskin in loud

I wouldnt want to take on Phil, Pepper, or any member of Down..

Oct 2002 Following the controversy in August when an unnamed Adema guitarist was allegedly punched by an unnamed member of New Orleans supergroup Down during the Ozzfest tour, Metal Hammer can dish more dirt on the matter.

In a rather worrying turn of events on the US Ozzfest tour, Marky Chavez and his cohorts got rather drunk and decided to pick a fight with the immensely scary Down crew. Before we go any further with this story, we want you to picture Down and Adema stood facing each other. Not only are Phil Anselmo, Pepper Keenan and the rest of the New Orleans mob incredibly huge, they're also well into boxing. Adema, on the other hand, are rather small in comparison. Think about that for a second...

The evil drink got the better of Adema frontman Marky Chavez and one of their guitarist's, Mike Ransom, on the St. Louis leg of the gigantic US trek and the two Adema members were seen bombing around on a golf buggy in the early evening, more than a few sheets to the wind, heading towards Down's tour bus which they then entered. Only moments later, Ransom was seen leaving the bus with a bloody nose and proceeded to throw a bottle across the carpark in a rage and started to yell obscenities concerning the incident.

Hammer's Ozzfest spy reports that Ransom was very drunk on the bus and decided to start throwing himself around inside it, when Down guitarist Kirk Windstein 'accidentally' placed his elbow into Ransom's face. Obviously, Ransom was not a happy puppy. The rest of Adema then turned up, looking for whoever, 'punched our boy in the mouth,' as Mike started yelling for the assailant to come down off the bus according to Neurotica vocalist Kelly Shaefer's "as the guitarist yells more obscenities towards the Down bus, OTEP comes out to talk some sense into the Adema band member. It doesn't work very well, so then Pepper Keenan comes up to him talking rationally and making the situation somewhat calmer. By this time, most of the band and crew from Adema has come over to the Down bus but not to fight. Marky Chavez is trying his best to get his drunken/beaten/bleeding guitarist away from the Down bus as quickly as possible before anything else happens."

Keenan and Down's tour manager calmed the situation and both bands went their separate ways. Kelly comments on the reason for the skirmish, "I think it was just too much alcohol, and the fact that Dave Williams Drowning Pool singer had passed maybe caused a bit more drinking than normal. At the end of the day it all worked out without anyone getting too fucked up. It was an interesting scene to say the least. I remember Otep saying, 'it's about time this tour saw some carnage, it's getting a bit tame out here.'"

It should also be noted that both bands were then seen eating in catering together the following day. All's well that ends well.

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