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\m/\m/ article from SPIN

Hail Britney?

From the armpit of hell to TRL, The devil horn hand sign crosses over.

Illustration by the BRM

The earthly realm owes Ronnie James Dio big-time. Besides being the inspiration behind the "Stone-henge" bit in This is the Spinal Tap, the former singer for Rainbow and Black Sabbath is widely credited with popularizing the devil-horn hand gesture to indicate metal-induced rapture. For years, despite its role as "the devil's music," heavy metal lacked a universal symbol that encapsulated everything from coke-fueled orgies to Dungeons & Dragons dorm marathons to eternal damnation. Until Dio. But since the diminutive dark lord's '80s heyday, the once diabolical symbol has gone mainstream. "It was a symbol of darkness...not something to be passed on to Britney Sears!" Dio decreed recently. "It has no meaning anymore." In an attempt to appease Dio- who was spawned form the very armpit of hell (New Hampshire) - Spin has created this visual to proper horn-throwing. -BY RYAN RAYHILL

Step One

Step Two

Step Three
Bend two middle fingers inward, and hold them in places with the thumb.

Dio says:
"When the thumb comes out, it means 'I love you'
in sign language."
Make a face like you are being
tortured in the pits of Hades.

Dio says:
"You can't just flash it. There
has to be some emotion behind it."
Squat, then throw!

Dio says:
"Bending the knees always puts it in a slightly different perspective. Now you're ready to take charge!"


* Believed to have orignated in Europe during the Middle Ages (500-1350 A.D.) as the "Horns of Cernunnos," a hand gesture thought to placate evil (I.e, the horned God)
* Kiss' Gene Simmons favors the "I Love You" version onstage
* The devil horn hand sign has been used by University of Texas Longhorns fan since the 1950s ("Hook 'em Horns!")

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