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ok. for those who have no clue what much music usa is, it all started when a company named rainbow media, who carries much music (sort of the canadian MTV) for american audiences on cable and satellite, introduced their own programming, slowly covering nearly all of the original canadian much's programming. canadian much is more diverse, but mmusa shows the same videos all day long.

peeps, i think we really need to organize an anti-mmusa campaign. is anyone willing to commit to it?

not just americans.. canadians can help too.

we'd need all the help we can get.

go to and click on "about us" for the phone/fax numbers. i suggest calling every day, or every week if you want to save on long distance bills, and email constantly to (i think that's the address, could be

i'll try and make a website. look for it soon: i'm pretty busy with school and all so if anyone would like to contribute i'd appreciate it. check thewedge for updates, cause that's more of a forum for anti-mmusa things, since the wedge was one of the best shows on much before mmusa took over

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