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Drowning Pool Singer's Death Due To Natural Causes

The toxicology report on Drowning Pool singer Dave Williams, who was found dead on the band's tour bus in August, has revealed that the singer died of natural causes.

According to a spokesperson for the Medical Examiner's Office for the Northern District of Virginia, Williams died of cardiomyopathy, not anything drug-related, as was widely speculated.

Cardiomyopathy is a disorder affecting the heart muscle resulting in inadequate heart pumping. The disorder can be caused by several factors, including viral infections, heart attacks, alcoholism, and severe hypertension, among others.

On the band's official Web site, Drowning Pool road manager Steve Shaw posted the following message: "The news is in, the toxicology came back negative. 'Nothing found,' and this is the truth my friends."

Next up for the band is a memorial DVD chronicling the life of Williams. The DVD is currently being prepped for a Nov. 19 release on Wind-Up Records.
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