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Lets recap the last few days. hmm.. Thursday my day off I hung out with nathan a little, then melissa, and devo... friday. fucking i had to get up early cuz i had to work at 11. Well I was worried they weren't going to let me off in time for the concert, but they let me off at fucking 2!! so yeah. I just went home, got ahold of joel. Then later we got some gas, got some food, and went to aaron's. He had just got done working on his car. So we go inside, he takes a shower. joel plays seaman. I spill some water. Its all good. Aaron spent 473947 years trying to get directions. He wanted them just incase. but his computer was gay. So we said fuck it and we left. Went to krogers got our tickets, then get aaron and joel some foody food.
We get there and its like 7. Its raining like a mofo but we eventually get in. We get in there and the first band is playing.. exit. Ehh.. They are okay. They were a local band. Along with the next band Relic They were local also. But better than exit.


After their sets Noise Therapy came on. They kicked major ass. Ima download some of their songs and shit. Tiz be all damn good.

Noise Therapy
After that Joel left and me and aaron were left with one dude screaming "I wanna hear slipknot!!!!". and this other dude going.. "PLAY SOME SKYNARD!! motherfucking free bird!!" or some shit. it gave us a nice laugh. Then The Color Red came on. I have some of their songs downloaded but never really cared too much about them. Well they werent' that great. And you could tell the crowd wasn't into them too much.. But maybe thats just because flaw was on next.

The Color Red
Then motherfucking flaw comes on.. motherfucking hell yeah. it was great. They gave out alot of shit, fucking cds, dvds, videos, a fucking SKATEBOARD.., fucking lighters, set lists all this shit. They were so awesome. They said that columbus, ohio was like a "second home" to them. They said they loved the alrosa villa and its always been good to them. I guess it was their first date of the tour too. So that shows how much they love us. In all honestly Ive seen them 2 other times and this show kicked way more ass. Me, joel and aaron were rockin out and so was this mullet dude next to aaron. I got pictures too!! I hope they turn out good!! Joel too most of them. but me and aaron took a few.. good god it was great.

They're just so fucking amazing. I have alot more respect for them now. They played their whole fucking album too. we didn't get out of there until 12:30am.
After the show was over we ran into Colt and rebecca and a little later Mike, Ashley, Kayla, and Sonia. All chated it up and all that good shizzorz..
After that we stoped at a gas station and i gots them some foodz.. Then we drove to aaron's droped his ass off and then joel droped my ass off and it was like a little after 1:30 i think. Damn what a great fucking time!!!..
Shows like that make me love and appreciate the music I listen to more...
I also took my disposable camera!! So I got some pictures. Hopefully they turn out. I have to use up some more pics, then develope them so it'll be a little while..
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