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Sep. 22nd, 2002 | 12:46 pm
posted by: immorak in loud

Wrist Fix For Green Day Bassist
Green Day's Mike Dirnt was in hospital earlier this week for surgery to deal with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - a degenerative disease likely brought on through years of bass-playing. In a note to fans on the band's website at www.greenday.com, Billie Joe Armstrong says, "I think he'll be fine. Everything was really smooth and he should be well pretty soon." Dirnt is expected to recover within two months. In the meantime, Billie Joe says he's writing new songs - good news for fans who haven't had an album of new material from the band since 2000's "Warning." No word yet on plans to head into the studio to record the new material.

J. Lo Junior?
There's been no official word yet, but the hottest gossip of the week has to be the rumour that Jennifer Lopez is two months pregnant. The alleged father-to-be is Ben Affleck, J. Lo's alleged fiancee. Sony execs are supposedly steamed that the baby is believed to be due at the same time J. Lo should be out promoting her next record. Meanwhile, further rumours suggest that J. Lo and Affleck might have been hooking up while she was still married to Chris Judd. Judd's dad told a British tabloid that, "Jennifer did not conduct herself as a married woman and Ben did not respect the fact that she was my son's wife." Jennifer and Ben became acquainted on the set of their film, "Gigli" and the pair also worked together this summer on "Jersey Girl." Lopez and Affleck are said to be planning a lavish wedding for next Valentine's Day. Sources say the couple plan to wed in Puerto Rico with the ceremony expected to cost $1.5 million.

Britney Still Ruffling Feathers
Even though Britney Spears is said to be taking some time off from the spotlight she's still making a splash. According to SkyNews, the pop-princess upstaged leading lady Kate Hudson at the premier of Kate's own film, "Four Feathers" in Los Angeles earlier this week. Barely two minutes after Kate arrived to walk the red carpet, the paparazzi and the fans went wild when Britney turned up. In other Britney news the singer will be releasing her cover of Joan Jett's 1982 track "I Love Rock 'N' Roll" at the beginning of November.

Marilyn Manson Paints A Pretty Picture
Marilyn Manson has been writing about his upcoming art show in his online journal at www.marilynmanson.com for months now, and the date has finally arrived. Manson previewed some 50 pieces at a private reception last night at the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibition in Hollywood. The art show aptly titled "The Golden Age Of Grotesque" the name of his upcoming fifth album will be open to the public today with all the pieces up for sale. Manson has described his exhibition of watercolours and mixed-media as "grotesque images" painted with "pretty colors."

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