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News On Corey Taylor, Deathride, Jon Davis and MSI!!!


If SLIPKNOT frontman Corey Taylor get his way, he will pursue his other band, STONE SOUR, concurrently with his main outfit, with both groups touring and recording during each other's "down" time.

"Sure it'll be busy trying to work with both of these bands, but after a while I think it will work that when one band has downtime, I can work on the other," Taylor told Chart Attack. "SLIPKNOT records and tours… when they rest, STONE SOUR records and tours. I can handle that… I think I need to, since each band offers me something fresh to bring to the other. It keeps everything interesting for me. SLIPKNOT is a metal band, but with STONE SOUR we're all over the place, 'cause the music does its own thing…borrows from less drastic forms of heavy music, but at same time, it has a mellowness and attitude to it. It's just kick-ass hard rock…"

Although musical similarities between the two bands abound, Taylor is quick to point out that SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR have less in common than some people might expect.

"This isn't an album that's trying to appeal to SLIPKNOT fans. STONE SOUR has nothing to do with SLIPKNOT and people need to understand that before they listen. STONE SOUR is more melodic hard rock/grunge-ish kind of music," said Corey.

Formed in the mid-'90s, STONE SOUR was placed on a several-year hiatus after Taylor was forced to make a choice in the late '90s between the two groups. However, that all changed in 2000 when guitarist Josh Rand, an old friend and collaborator of Taylor's and a former STONE SOUR alumni, approached the singer with some songs he had been working on. Together, they would spend a year and a half writing what would eventually become the album, Stone Sour.

"I'll always love what SLIPKNOT does, but I really wanted to give STONE SOUR a second shot," Taylor explained. "I believed in the songs we had back then, but I was getting frustrated… so when SLIPKNOT offered me the singing spot, I took it. [STONE SOUR] was still in my heart, but nothing was working."

"Honestly, it picked up right where we left off in 1997," Taylor said of the songwriting process for STONE SOUR's debut. "It was like nothing had changed. I mean, this band was my first love before SLIPKNOT and it caused a lot of trouble when I left… thankfully we've all grown as people and as musicians so this was an enjoyable affair that I hope will last a long time."

COAL CHAMBER Frontman Creates 'New Sound' With Side Project

California's DEATHRIDE, the new project featuring COAL CHAMBER frontman Dez Fafara, are set to begin performing showcase gigs beginning in early October with a view towards signing a record deal and issuing a CD in early 2003.

The band, which is based in a small town three hours north of Los Angeles, came together when "[guitarist] Dragon left a note with a waitress at a small breakfast place where [Dez's girlfriend] Anahstasia and I eat in the morning when I'm off tour," stated Fafara. "We became friends. After about a year, we started writing together, then recruited the best of the best from all the bands around town. [Guitarist] Sleeper and [drummer] Junk played in a band together and [bassist] Shak was also in another band. We all just kind of hit it off. The one common unity in all of us is we wanted to do something ultra-heavy and try if we could to form a new sound. I think we've done it."

So far, DEATHRIDE have completed nearly two dozen cuts for their forthcoming debut, which will reportedly feature a more aggressive and more technical direction than that of Fafara's main outfit.

Among the tracks set to appear on the band's upcoming CD are the following:

01. Devil's Son
02. Swinging The Dead
03. Revelation Machine
04. Driving Down The Darkness
05. The Misery
06. What Does It Take To Be A Man
07. Shine
08. Give It
09. Clearly
10. The Darkness

When asked about the rumors that PANTERA/DOWN frontman Phil Anselmo would be making an appearance on DEATHRIDE's full-length debut, Dez stated: "Phil's one of my closest friends. I'd be honored if he'd sing on [a] DEATHRIDE [album], and of course I'm going to ask him. We have the perfect song for it. It's called 'What Does It Take To Be A Man'."

KORN Singer To Perform Soundtrack Songs On Tour

KORN frontman Jonathan Davis and guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer are currently putting together a QUEEN OF THE DAMNED band to hit the road and perform songs Davis composed for that film sometime next year, according to Allstar. The tour, which Davis says will hit theaters, won't be without its own share of KORN-esque macabre.

"We gonna go out and do Lestat songs," said Davis. "It's going to have a fetish ball kind of theme — that whole goth, underground fetish kind of thing."

Left To Alienate

The track listing for Mindless Self Indulgence's forthcoming new live EP "Alienating Our Audience" has been set and is as follows:
01 - "Tornado"
02 - "Thank God"
03 - "Two Hookers"
04 - "Revenge"
05 - "Molly"
06 - "Like Shit"
07 - "Diabolical"
08 - "Last Gay Song"
09 - "Rip Off"
10 - "Panty Shot"
The effort is comprised of live material captured at two performances which took place earlier this year and is slated for an October 08th release through Uppity Cracker. In related news, the track listing for the debut offering from the band's side project The Left Rights has also been announced and is as follows:
01 - "Parkinlot"
02 - "Montezuma Voodoo"
03 - "Take A Shit"
04 - "Access The Code"
05 - "Storytime"
06 - "Wag Yo Ass"
07 - "Fecal Freekal"
08 - "Homineau"
09 - "Word"
10 - "Qy10"
11 - "Cinco De Mayo"
12 - "Get Down Tonight"
13 - "Darth Vader (Who Gives A Sith)"
14 - "Swayze"
15 - "Place Disclaimer Here"
16 - "Sna Sna Sne"
17 - "If You Figure This Out, We'll Suck Your Dick"
18 - "Swipin' My Ass"
19 - "Hairless And Fancy-Free"
20 - "Pink Aqua Dress"
21 - "Hardonz"
22 - "Horny"
23 - "Mouseybrown"
24 - "Munkyjump"
25 - "Youcangolater"
26 - "Honkeys"
27 - "Metallica Doody"
28 - "Citizen Lust"
29 - "Chocas Vestidos"
30 - "Friends"
31 - "Pueidist"
32 - "Poo Out My Ass"
33 - "So Much For That"
34 - "ESP"
35 - "Weirdo"
36 - "Whoosh Whoosh"
37 - "Penitfomeyo"
38 - "Station Wagons"
39 - "Crap"
A live video for the Mindless Self Indulgence track "Panty Shot" will also be included on CD when it arrives in stores on September 24th through Uppity Cracker.
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