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A Thousand Falling Skies

A Thousand Falling Skies is a hardcore band from Connecticut. I saw them once, and they're the shit; not to mention the guys are really cool.

Here's a newsletter I got from them a few days ago, if you're interested...

What’s up Everyone? I wrote this whole newsletter last night and then my computer crashed so I lost it all. So the last newsletter was kind of short so here we are again to tell you all about some stuff in a lot more detail.

The new mp3 track for “Transparent Heart Sydrome” is up on mp3.com so click here to check that out www.mp3.com/fallingskies

We are still looking for a bass player to fill a permanent position in our band. Although we’ve finally got a fill in bass player. His name is Brenden and he sings for another band called “Calyx In Ruin” he’s an awesome dude and his band is awesome too so we suggest you all check them out at www.calyxinruin.com If you or anyone you know would be interested in trying out for bass have them contact us at deathsquad92@hotmail.com

We’ve been really busy writing new material. So far we just need 2 more songs and we’ll have enough for our full length cd. We plan on hitting the studio in late October early November to start recording. The full length will feature three old songs from our “from behind the shadows” ep they will be “Paint Me A Pretty Picture”, When Tomorrow Seems Forever” & “Casting Shadows” although they will be re-recorded. The cd will feature 7 new songs and possibly one or two instrumental tracks. But that will be determined once we get closer to the recording date. After that we will be shopping the cd around to labels in hopes of finding ourselves a label to call home. If any labels are reading this please get in touch. Hint,Hint,Wink,Wink LOL. We hope to have the full length out in early 2003 so keep on eye out for that.

We are also thinking about going out on tour for a month in Jan/Feb. We plan on going all the way to the west coast this time and hitting a lot of places we haven’t played yet. If anyone could be of any help with this please let us know, weather it be help with a show or even just a contact for someone that does shows. We need all the help we can get with this and anything is greatly appreciated.

We’ve been doing a lot of work to our website lately. We revamped the entire merchandise page. You can now check out EVERYTHING we have to offer in the fine world of merchandise. Our web store is hosted and run by our friends at Skate The Planet but they haven’t updated it in awhile so right now the links to buy stuff directly online are down but will be up as soon as they’re page is updated. Right now merchandise is only available through snail mail. For those of you that don’t know here’s a run down of what we now carry. New “Angel” T-shirts, Maroon “Logo” T-shirts, Navy Blue “Logo” T-shirts, Mesh Hats, Girls Baby T’s, Girls Tank Tops, Baseball Shirts, along with our old “Cd Cover T-Shirts, “Lotus & Skulls” T-shirts/Hoodies. We are in the process of designing a new “Zip Up Hoodie” and new stickers and pins should be in with in the coming months. We’ve got a Journal Page up now so if you bored and wanna here about some funny disgusting stories head on over and check it out
. The interviews page will be up soon too. It will have some interviews we did a while ago that we’ve been sitting on for a while.

On a quick note here are some things. Our friends Joe and Bentley we’re involved in a car accident a couple of weeks ago. From what we hear Joe is fine but Bentley sustained some pretty bad inquires although he is doing great now, we just wanna take a minute to wish him well and let him know that we wanna see him back in the pit moshing it up soon. I had the privilage of hearing some tracks from The Acacia Strains’ new cd and I’ve got to say that they’re new stuff is awesome so keep an eye out for it on Devils’ Head Records.

So have you guys had enough yet? Well I have so thanks for reading and check out our shows below. Thanks, Take Care, Pedro & A.T.F.S.

*****************UPCOMING SHOWS************************

Oct 12th
@Glens Falls, NY (venue t.b.a.)
w/ For Her I Can Be A Hero, Samadhi, Bliss and one more t.b.a.

Oct 11th/18th
@ Hells’ Kitchen: Keene, N.H.
w/For Her I Can Be A Hero and more t.b.a.

Oct 26th
@ The Chaos: Bucksport, Maine
**Grand Opening Halloween Bash**(costume show)
w/ Diecast, Closer Then Kin and 1 more t.b.a.

Dec 12th
@ El ‘n’ Gee: New London, CT
w/ All That Remains, Origin, Scar Culture & Crematorium
( I can see the smiles on metalhead’s faces now LOL)

Dec (something)
@American Legion Hall: Valatie, NY
w/ Suicide Note and more t.b.a. (show is tentative)

So anyway, go to their MP3.com site and download their new song "Transparent Heart Syndrome", it's badass. The lyrics for that song, some other songs they haven't recorded yet, and some songs on their EP "From Behind the Shadows" are on their site.

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