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StreetWise ---> OTEP In The News!!!


An incident took place at Ozzfest in Somerset, WI on August 17th involving OTEP,
the venues security and LAW-ENFORCEMENT!!! If you were there, you saw it, if
you weren''s what happened straight from the mouth and mind of OTEP!!!

Read On...

"greetingz frendz, poets, comrades in arms, shadow soldiers, strange species
... i write to u today from my hotel in denver, colorado ... preparing for
the annihilation of the coming ritual ... i am tired ... mentally,
physically, and spiritually ... but there's a few things on my mind that i'd
like to share ...

ok ... it was saturday, the 17th ... somerset wisconSIN ... and here i am
... enjoying the rest of my day after spreading our sweet disease of poetic
warfare & musical alchemy ... watching rob zombie ... from the front of the
stage ... shaking hands with some of the fans behind me ... then the next
thing i know ... some genetically generic, WWF reject starts trying to push
me around ... grabbing my arm ... telling me i can't stand there ... so
forth and so on ... my reply was that i was in a band ... showed my pass and
that its cool ... i'm not in anyone's way ... well, he didn't care to listen
to reason so he put his hands on me again ... this time ... i moved his hand
off of my arm a little more aggressively ... and told him not to touch me
... again ...

he then proceeded to tackle me with another security guard ... 2 more people
joined in the struggle as i guess the 2 mental weaklings were having a
little difficulty corralling this tiny giant of pure aggression ... after a
pretty quick beating, a fractured nose, a huge fluid filled impact bruise on
my forehead, back scratches, a bloody scraped right shin, and having my hair
pulled and used to carry me to the squad car i realized that the 2 others
who had joined in were deputy sheriffs ... they of course never notified me
who they were ... all i knew was that there were 4 men on top of me as i was
face down in the gravel ... being beaten and having my clothes ripped and pulled
and pushed and different areas of my body violated ...

all becuz some fucking idiot got his feelings hurt when his testosterone ego
damaged when i, a womyn, was able to remove his kung-fu ninja grip from my
poetic arms of anarchy ...

such a shitty end to a rather wonderful day of creative destruction ... but
the bottom line is this ... they are still stuck in their little worlds
pretending to be tough ... and i am back on tour ... writing ... performing
... winning the war.

enuff said."


There you have it StreetWise!!! In other news, MTV recently did a SICK spread
on the band, check it out at the link below.

StreetWise Concepts & Culture 2002
"Bringing You The Sickest New Shit First"
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