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Marilyn Manson Accused Of Rubbing Crotch On Man's Head....,_Marilyn/sq-kneel_yell_ozzfest0701-pni.jpg

Marilyn Manson has been charged with assaulting a security guard by allegedly rubbing his genital area on the man's head during a concert in Clarkston, Michigan.

The shock rocker is being accused of felony fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct along with misdemeanor assault and battery. If convicted, he could face more than two years in prison. A warrant for his arrest was issued late Thursday, but Oakland County officials would have to travel to Asia if they want him in handcuffs soon. Manson's in Japan to play concerts on Saturday and Sunday nights, according to his management.

Manson was performing at the DTE Energy Music Theatre in Clarkston on July 30 when he allegedly approached 25-year-old security guard Joshua Keasler from behind while rubbing his own genital area, Oakland County prosecutor David G. Gorcyca said in a statement Thursday (August 16). After spitting on Keasler's head, a G-string-clad Manson wrapped his legs around the guard and rubbed his genital area on Keasler's head and neck, the statement said.

"Manson's actions far exceed any freedom of expression or artistic license," Gorcyca said in the statement. "His conduct was in no way a choreographed part of the performance. These acts are sexual and physical assaults on an unsuspecting individual whose job was to protect the performers. This disgusting display and conduct cannot go unrecognized, and for those reasons these charges were issued."

Gorcyca said the two-count complaint would likely be filed in the 52-2 District Court in Clarkston on Friday.

Manson's lawyer and his spokesperson at Interscope Records had not heard of the charges when contacted Thursday afternoon. Neither would comment until looking into it further.

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